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Experience, trust and knowledge during a strategic decision
A merger- or acquisition procedure is an intensive phase for an entrepreneur. A phase where you need optimal support from an experienced and competent advisor on whom you can rely.

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Supreme’s approach

Managing a firm requires a lot of attention. A purchase- or sales procedure will require nothing but the same. At moments like these, you want to take the best decision, based on the relevant information. Supreme supports entrepreneurs during merger- or acquisition procedures by staying involved and proactive.

Furthermore, we possess all the experience and technical knowledge necessary to supply you with the relevant and accurate information. Based on this, you will be able to make the correct decision and realise a successful transaction.

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Supreme’s assistance

Supreme can assist you during a merger- or acquisition procedure in the following ways:

  • Giving insight into the stand-alone value of a company;
  • Giving insight into the value drivers (competitive advantages) and synergies from a potential transaction;
  • Validation and substantiation to stakeholders (shareholders, supervisory board, board of directors, etc.);
  • Support during negotiations regarding the (non-) binding offer, the letter of intent and the sales and purchase agreement;
  • Fairness opinion;
  • Setting up a data room; and
  • Process management during a merger- or acquisition process.

Recent assignments


Regarding an intended sale of shares, Supreme guided the entire acquisition on behalf of the sellers.

- Flower export -

Purchase price allocation

After acquiring the company, the acquisition needed to be incorporated into the financial statements. Supreme drafted the purchase price allocation.

- Pharmaceutical industry -

Independent valuation

Due to a dispute between two shareholders regarding the price of the shares to be transferred, the interim board member asked for a valuation. Supreme drafted an independent valuation.

- Business services -

The best strategic decisions through involvement and focus

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